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The SECOND YEAR curriculum begins Wednesday, September 13th, 7:00-9:00 pm in the Cornerstone Fellowship Hall, through April 2024


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As a further commitment to discipleship and intentional adult Christian education, Cornerstone EQUIP is a useful and beneficial ministry designed to encourage and train those who want to study the Bible and theology to serve the Lord with greater effectiveness.        


If you are committed to becoming a mature, growing follower of Christ, EQUIP is just right for you. This training course is devoted to being a helpful way for you to gain an engaging grasp of the whole counsel of God in Scripture.



To provide Christians with an education in the Holy Scriptures and equipping for ministry by covering…

  • Comprehensive surveys of the Old and New Testaments
  • Surveys of the Ten Essential doctrines of Christianity

This objective will be accomplished through a two-year plan with four 15-week units which meet one night per week.


Because you are interested in growing in the grace and knowledge of God, your choice to take on a systematic and disciplined study of God’s Word will reward you as no other commitment this side of eternity.


Studying Scripture and theology will enhance your…

  • spiritual growth and biblical wisdom
  • prayer life and worship experience
  • evangelistic outreach
  • knowledge of church history
  • effective ministry service & confidence

…all of which leads to more effective servants in ministry and a better fit for specific responsibilities.


2-Year Course of Study


Unit 1: (15 weeks)
(September thru December, just completed)

Bible Survey

Genesis through Psalm 150


Doctrinal Survey    

God the Father

Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit


Unit 2: (15 weeks) 
Begins January 11, 2023, through April 2023


Bible Survey

Proverbs through Malachi


Doctrinal Survey              

The Bible





Unit 3: (15 weeks)

Bible Survey

Matthew through 2 Corinthians       


Unit 4: (15 weeks)

Bible Survey

Galatians through Revelation



When and where will EQUIP classes meet?

Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 PM, YEAR 2 starting September 13th, 2023, at Cornerstone Community Church, 1400 Lander Road, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124.


What if I can’t start in the fall?

Though courses naturally build on each other, you may enter at the beginning of any unit.


What must I do to apply?

Cornerstone EQUIP is open to those who are:

  • 16-years old and up
  • a member of a local evangelical church

(EQUIP course material will be in line with the Cornerstone Community Church statement of faith.)


What will it cost?

There is no charge for EQUIP courses. Expenses will be covered through the church’s budget.


What will be required of me?

The workload will require reading and self-motivation to do well and meet your goal. The written assignments will be designed to encourage your ability to understand and apply Scripture to your life and communicate its message to others.


Will there be breaks between units?

Yes. Classes will break from the second week of December to the second week of January. The spring semester will end by the second week of May.


Who teaches the EQUIP classes?

Tom Snook, a member at Cornerstone Community Church, has been in full-time Christian ministry for over thirty years, as a pastor and Christian high school teacher. He teaches Bible, theology, history, and philosophy. Tom has taught internationally and in the Cleveland-area extension campuses of Moody Bible Institute and Indiana Wesleyan University.


How can I register for EQUIP?

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Questions? Please call or email Tom Snook, director, at 567-644-8746 or at theophilhist@gmail.com

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Teaching biblical truth and Christian living through Bible study, theology, and history



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