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A Dozen Expressions of Love to the Lord
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Submitted by Kathy Tiffe


Because of Valentine’s Day, February is considered the month of love. Valentine’s Day is advertised everywhere—on the radio, in the paper, on TV, online. Every store you walk into is decorated with pink and red, and hearts are everywhere! During the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, one can hear numerous radio programs talking about a million-and-one ways to celebrate this day, whether you’re married or if you are not.
Depending on our stage in life, it seems we either love this day or we hate it! And I don’t just mean if you’re single. Even if you’re married this day can prove to be disappointing. After all, what husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, can meet the high expectations that our world places on Valentine’s Day?
Just for a moment, I want you to think about God, and your love for Him. I want you to think about how unique He is from any other person you could ever love or hope to love, or hope or wish to be loved by. When you think about love—giving and receiving love—do you know that the Bible teaches us that God is the most worthy of our love?
He is most worthy because He is supreme. It is one of His many characteristics. When we speak of God being supreme, we are speaking of what is termed, the Supremacy of God. This has to do with Him being above everything that exists in rank and authority; He is absolutely perfect in every quality imaginable. There is no one or nothing that even comes close or can ever compare to His surpassing greatness. He is incomparable and peerless—meaning, He is THE FIRST and THE MOST excellent in everything. God stands alone in every way and in everything!
Moses and the people of Israel recognized this, and their hearts sang, “Who is like you, O LORD, among the gods? Who is like you, majestic in holiness, awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders?” (Ex. 15:11) and “For what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do such works and mighty acts as yours?” (Deut. 3:24b)
Dwell on this with me for a moment—on how He alone is Creator-God. He alone has neither a beginning nor an end. He alone is most compassionate and patient. He alone will never leave us or forsake us. He alone is perfect in knowledge and wisdom. He alone is unwavering in faithfulness. He alone expressed the greatest love toward you and me that anyone ever could, or ever will, by laying down His life in the person of His divine Son. And He alone will fulfill every promise of an eternal inheritance for those who, by faith, trust in Him as Savior and Lord.
It is because of His supremacy that He is the most worthy of our love. Therefore, this Valentine’s Day consider giving the following dozen expressions of love to the One who loves you supremely. Take the time to show Him that He ranks first among the loves in your life.
1. Read and meditate on His Word—the Bible. Because there are no greater or more excellent words than His, make reading it a priority over all other reading. And because there are no greater thoughts you can think than thoughts about Him, take time to meditate on what you read.
2. Pray and tell Him that you love Him. So often our prayers are mostly prayers of petition. We are thinking about ourselves and what we need or desire. Try to focus on putting Him first in your prayers by worshiping Him for the great God that He is and by telling Him that you love Him.
3. Turn to Him first for help in times of trouble. Turning to Him first, instead of a friend or a mom or someone else, is to recognize His supremacy. We’re telling Him, “There is no one more able to help me right now than You, Lord.” This humble sense of dependence on Him brings Him glory and expresses to Him that we love Him.
4. Do what His Word says instead of what you want to do during a difficult circumstance. I don’t know about you, but when things go wrong, my first inclination is to put my solutions first. But I truly glorify God and show love to Him when I consider His solutions before mine. When I do that, I’m recognizing that His Word and His solutions are supreme and definitely better than anything I might come up with.
5. Serve Him in some way. We give our time to what is most important to us. When we serve Him in some way, we are recognizing and showing Him that He and His Kingdom priorities are most important to us.
6. Do a secret act of service. This is doing something for someone else, and no one knows that you did it except you and God.You might give somebody who is in need some money; or give someone an encouraging note or a special gift of some kind, but don’t put your name on the card. Instead, you could write: “A gift from the Lord” or “From someone who cares about you,” or “The Lord put you on my heart.” When you do that you are denying yourself glory—no pats on the back or “Isn’t she a wonderful person”—and you’re allowing the Lord to be first in receiving the glory because, after all, He is most deserving of it!
7. Go to church faithfully. We need to remember that Christ died for the church. Ephesians tells us He loves and cherishes the church. Doesn’t it only make sense that we show love to Him by loving and cherishing what He loves and cherishes?
8. Sing praises to Him. He is not only the most worthy of our love, but He is also the most worthy of our worship. The songs we sing and the music we listen to should focus on the Lord and proclaim His worth and excellence.
9. Purposefully love someone who is hard to love. Luke 6:32-36 tells us that loving someone who is easy to love is really no big deal in the eyes of God. What is a big thing is to purposefully love someone who is hard to love, because when we do that we love like Christ. Remember, He is the greatest lover of all. His supremacy tells us that He is first among lovers. When we love, do good, lend, are kind, and merciful—which is how He is toward us—we are recognizing His way to love as more superior than the world’s.
10. Tell someone how much you love God. If He is first in our lives, He’ll be a part of our conversations. Just like we talk and brag about those we love—children, grandchildren, husband, and boyfriend— we need to let others know that the Lord is the one who has first place in our hearts.
11. Give Him thanks for everything. We show love to Him by recognizing that everything that is a part of our lives – our material possessions, our family, our work, an illness, a difficult relationship, and even the trials of our lives – are all from a perfect, excellent, supreme God. And if we really believe that, we will offer thanks to Him for all of these things.
12. This one is for you! Join the conversation, and please share a twelfth way someone can express love to God! Write it in the comments below. To God be the glory forever, amen?



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