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Preparing for Tomorrow’s Communion Service
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Posted by Paul Tautges, Senior Pastor


One of the greatest privileges we enjoy as a gospel-proclaiming, Christ-exalting church is to remember, together, our Savior’s sin-atoning work on our behalf. Tomorrow morning we will do this as we join our hearts in worship, instruction, and the celebration of the Lord’s Table. Since the Scriptures exhort us to not rush into this part of our worship carelessly (1 Cor. 11:27), let me

give you some suggestions as to how to prepare, today.


In addition to your practical preparations for making the Lord’s Day a restful time, let me encourage you to turn off the TV, or set aside the to-do- list that is screaming your name, and spend 30 minutes in personal and/or family worship doing the following three activities.



Here are some suggestions for Bible reading:

  • Read Psalm 51 and spend time in confession, pray the Psalm back to God.
  • Read one of the Gospel account of the crucifixion or other Scriptures about the cross, such as Romans 3:19-26 or Hebrews 9.
  • Read Matthew 5:23-24, 44. Do everything in your power to resolve any interpersonal conflicts, pray for your enemies and forgive them in your heart, seek forgiveness where needed (Rom. 12:14-21).


Listen to and sing the songs we will sing as part of our congregational worship. Here they are:

There Is a Fountain

O, the Blood


Seas of Crimson

The Power of the Cross



Here are a few suggestions for prayer.

  • Your own heart to be tender, open to the Holy Spirit as you hear the Word preached.
  • The preacher to be God’s instrument, that Christ will be exalted.
  • The Bible teachers in other classes and for their students.
  • The musicians as they serve the Lord and lead us in congregational worship through song.
  • Your fellow worshipers: believers to be edified and unbelievers to be convicted and drawn to the Savior.

I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. May the Lord be glorified through our time together!


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