Biblical Counseling

The Cornerstone Biblical Counseling Ministry (CBCM) seeks to provide counseling to help individuals meet the challenges of life in a way that will please and honor God.  It is our goal to help others understand their problems and God’s good purposes in them.  As complicated as life can be, we believe that the Bible has answers to life’s problems and questions.  We offer hope as we offer wisdom and practical help from a biblical perspective.  The Bible is full of time­less truths and promises to those who follow God’s ways.  After reviewing this information, please contact our office if you have more questions.


To schedule a counseling session, follow the instructions under “How do I begin” below.


Who are the counselors?

The counselors at CBCM consist of trained pastors and laypeople certified, or in the process of being certified, by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) (see for more information). 


What types of problems do you address in counseling?

Counseling is available for any problems you may be facing – marriage, parenting, conflicts, grief, addictions, depression, anxiety, anger, etc. We believe the Bible provides thorough guidance and instruction not only for faith but also for the practical issues of life (2 Peter 1:3, Romans 15:4). Our counseling is based on biblical principles rather than those of secular psychology or psychiatry.


What’s the cost?

The counseling sessions are provided at no cost as a ministry of Cornerstone Community Church. However, if you have benefited from counseling and wish to contribute to the ongoing needs of our counseling ministry, donations are always appreciated. 


When is counseling available?

Counseling is scheduled through the church office by appointment only. Days and hours vary depending on the counselor’s schedule. We aim to begin your counseling as soon as possible. However, since the majority of our counselors are volunteers to the ministry and we cannot control the level of demand, there may be a wait time before counseling can begin. We sincerely appreciate your patience.


How long will the counseling last?

Counseling sessions typically last about one hour. Sometimes, depending on the problem, it may only be necessary to meet for one or two sessions. Other times, counseling may extend for several weeks, but generally not more than a few months.


What will be expected of me in counseling?

You will be expected to show a desire to grow and change — guided by biblical principles and empowered by the Holy Spirit. You will be required to complete homework assignments between sessions to implement and ensure lasting change. There may also be an expense involved in the purchase of books or other resources that your counselor may recommend.


How do I begin?

Before we schedule your counseling session, we require two preliminary steps:

1.   Carefully read our Informed Consent and Counseling Policy.

2.   Inquire into the availability of a counselor by filling out a Request for Counseling form.

3.   If a counselor is available, you will be directed to fill out our online Personal Data Inventory form.

4.   After we receive your PDI form, a counselor will contact you to schedule a time to meet.



“Help and hope for those struggling with addiction”

Click here for a series of 12 helpful video lessons.



If you are interested in becoming trained in biblical counseling, click the “Biblical Counseling Training” tab at the top of this page for more information.



Biblical Counseling Training

Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling Course

People are looking for hope that there are answers for their hurts, their difficulties, and the challenges they face. The Bible is inspired by God and is sufficient to instruct us in living a life that is pleasing to Him. It has God’s answers for our personal and relational problems.


This training course, Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling, will challenge you personally to grow in your spiritual walk, and it will equip you to minister God’s life-changing Word more effectively to those who are looking for answers. It will help any Christian to be more effective in discipling others in overcoming life’s problems. And, for those who are interested in pursuing Certification in Biblical Counseling, it will also meet the Basic Training Course Requirement for Phase One in the certification process through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. It will lay the foundation of biblical counseling principles and practices, of marriage and family relationships, and problems frequently encountered in counseling cases. 





Your Instructors

Armand and Kathy Tiffe have been serving the Lord in full-time ministry since 1982. They are blessed with two godly children, their spouses, and five precious grandchildren. Armand is Pastor Emeritus of Cornerstone Community Church located in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. He was Cornerstone’s founding pastor and senior pastor for 26 years until retiring from that role in 2015. He continues to serve at Cornerstone overseeing its Biblical Counseling and Training Center. Armand is a graduate of Liberty University and a certified biblical counselor and instructor of biblical counseling for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). He is the author of several books including Transformed Into His Likeness: A Handbook for Putting Off Sin and Putting On Righteousness, through Focus Publishing. Kathy has a broad range of ministry experience which includes teaching weekly women’s Bible studies, mentoring young moms, and counseling women from all walks of life. She has a Bachelor of Ministry Degree, is a certified biblical counselor through ACBC, and is co-author of two books with her husband. You can find more information about Armand and Kathy at





Cornerstone Community Church, 1400 Lander Rd, Mayfield Heights, Ohio 44124.

Cornerstone Community Church is a Certified Training Center for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors 
(ACBC). More information about ACBC can be found at




Classes will be held on Monday evenings 7–9 pm, beginning September 11, 2023, through May 2024. (24 classes in total. No classes in December).




As a service to the body of Christ, there is no charge for this training course, although donations are welcome.  




The following 4 textbooks will need to be purchased at various points in the life of the course for homework reading assignments. The total cost will be approximately $50. Homework will take approximately one hour per week to complete.


 Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically, edited by John MacArthur 

(You will need to purchase this text before the first class and will be used for the first half of the course. It can be purchased at


 The Liberating Truth of Romans 6, and Transformed into His Likeness (Revised Edition), both by Armand Tiffe 

(These two books will not be needed until mid-October and will be available for purchase at the class).


 The fourth book on marriage and family will not be needed until January 2024. The title will be supplied before the December break.




Outlines for each class will be sent to class members via email as an MS Word document the weekend before Monday’s class. Class members are to print the outlines or download them to a laptop or tablet for note-taking in class.




Contact Armand Tiffe by email at:,  or by phone: 440-442-6470


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