Doing Life Together

Together’s mission is to break down barriers that keep individuals with disabilities and their families from being able to fully participate in the life of the church by facilitating inclusion within the church for both the individual and their family. In support of our broader church mission, the ultimate goal of the special needs ministry is to lead individuals and families into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

The objectives of the ministry are fulfilled through the following efforts:

  • To nurture an accepting church environment for the family affected by special needs or disability.
  • To develop an appropriate accommodation plan and/or supports for the individual with additional needs while working within the policies and resources of the church.
  • To equip leaders and volunteers in various ministries across the church to help them better include and disciple individuals and families affected by special needs.

The services of the special needs ministry may be requested by the individual themselves, the family of the individual, or the ministry leader(s) serving the individual.


For the purpose of our disability ministry, the terms “additional needs”, “special needs”, and “disability” encompass a broad range of unique needs, including but not limited to: learning differences, intellectual disability, neurological disorders, developmental delays, communication disorders, social skills deficits, physical disabilities, sensory needs, and medical conditions. Understanding why a particular individual requires the services of the ministry is often less important. What is important is that the ministry is able to provide assistance in order to help individuals with special needs flourish in the church setting.


Our church’s special needs ministry does not provide therapy, behavior modification programs, assistance in the restroom, or medical intervention. To the best of our abilities, our ministry volunteers will strive to follow guidance from and utilize tools provided by parents. In the case of a medical emergency, appropriate medical attention and personnel will be sought.


For more information, email Mary Pat Martin at or call our church office at 440-442-6470.



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