Online giving is a safe and easy way to invest in all God is doing through Cornerstone Community Church. Please fill out the form below to ‘quick-give’, sign in to an existing account, or create a new account so you can start managing your giving online.


Please note by giving online the church incurs some fees. You can read more about this below in the section titled ‘Frequently Asked Questions.’




Frequently Asked Questions


What types of accounts can I give from?

You can give online from your checking account or from these credit card providers: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


Are there any fees for online giving?

You will not pay any fees with an online gift. The church pays a 2.55% fee plus $.33 on each credit card transaction and 1.05% and $.33 on each bank (ACH) transaction. Bill pay through your banking institution’s website does not cost the church any fees. Please consider switching your giving method to bill pay to avoid additional fees charged to the church. While it’s not required, we would be grateful if you would consider increasing your gift amount to cover the fee. 


Can I make a one-time or recurring donation?

Yes. You have the option of either making a one-time gift or setting up a recurring gift. For a one-time gift, you can designate if the gift should be made immediately or you can schedule the gift to come out of your bank account on the date(s) specified by you. Likewise, recurring gifts can be scheduled on the best dates for you.


Can I change my personal information, amount, or frequency of my gift once I have set it up?

Yes. You can change or cancel your contribution at any time before the date of your next contribution. Log in using your username and password to make the necessary changes.


Can I review my donation history online?

Yes. You are able to view the complete history of your contributions once you log in to your account above. If you just do a ‘quick give’ you will want to save your email receipt for tax purposes. 


Will I still receive regular contribution statements from the church?

Cornerstone Community Church will send year-end contribution statements to your address on file.


When will my contributions be given from my account?

Your contributions will be given from your specified bank account within 48 business hours of the date you requested. This time frame allows time for the contribution to be processed through your bank and the church’s bank. If the date of your contribution falls on a weekend or a holiday, the transaction will be initiated on the next banking day.


What is your refund policy?

If you have made a mistake entering your contribution or need a refund for any reason within 10 days of entering your contribution, please email us at and we will gladly refund your contribution.


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